10 Must Have Magento extensions

Whether you would like to start a new Magento web store or you already have one. There are some great extensions, which can improve your overall ecommerce strategy and your daily work routine. This article will show you 10 great Magento extensions to expand your Magento web store.

Increasing sales is the number one priority of most store managers. However in order to reach that, you need to improve different areas of your web store.

Lets assume you have a unique product without a lot of competitors. Your current Magento web store is decent and gives detailed information about your products and your company. Your unique selling proposition is strong and track the right customers. This 10 great Magento extensions will help you to increase sales and help you:

  • Improve your online presence
  • Give your customers a better experience
  • Increase your Magento web store performance
  • Optimize your web store daily load
  • Integrate your Magento web store with other marketplaces such as EBay and Amazon.


Online Presence

Magento is a search engine friendly software. It provides you with the basics on how to optimize each page, category and product for search engines. However if you would like to increase your visibility online, its necessary to invest time in optimizing your web store for Search engines. For this purpose you can use the following extensions:

Magento SEO Suite Ultimate


This extension reduces search optimization workload and dramatically improves your Magento web store online visibility. It provies a great list of SEO solutions.

Blog by Amasty


This extension allows you to announce store news, upcoming products and promotions. Its similar to any other blog where customers can interact with you and place comment and share you posts on social media. The Blog extension for Magento gives you a noteworthy opportunity to communicate with your regular customers and casual visitors.

Customer Experience

The experience you provide to your customers will effect their decision making. The easiness of your web store will help them achieve what they want and purchase your produtcs. For This purpose you can use the following extensions to improve the User Experience:

One Step Checkout


Fix where your website is “leaking” money the most with Magento One Step Checkout extension (aka Magento One Page Checkout). This module makes all checkout steps appear together on a single page so that customers can fill in information and modify any step at once.

Improved Layered Navigation


Improved layer navigation allows you to add advanced filters to any category. Some of the great possbilites is that customers can fitler by brand, color size and any other product attribute.

Search Pro


Give your customers a fast and easy way to search for products they are looking for. Most of Magento web stores has a bad search resulting in no product to show or showing to many irrelevant extensions. Search pro makes your customers happy because they will find what they are searching.

Zopim Live Chat


Zopim is a free chat service allowing you to have live chats wit your customers on your Magento web store. Use this amazing extension to help you customers whenever they have questions.


Magento is by nature large and needs a good hosting to work fast. Having a fast hosting won’t be the only way to optimize loading speed. If your web store needs more than 4 seconds to load, you will lose sales most likely. 

Full page caching


Speed up your Magento using cache to the full. Decrease pages time load and improve user experience, which leads to a better conversion rate and higher search rankings.


Proccesing orders and importing product might take more time than you think. Using some extra extensions will help you achieve these tasks faster.

Enhanced Grid


Allows to customize most of the administration grids (with lots of useful features / new columns + an editor)

Delete Orders


Magento doesn’t allow you to delete orders. You can only mark it to cancelled but you can’t delete it. This extension allows you to seamlessly delete any order. We have provided three options to delete any order. 1) option to delete any order from the order list page, 2) option to delete any order from the order page, 3) option to delete mass order from the order list page.


Websites such as Ebay and Amazon have million of visitors daily. Showing your products there might increase sales. However you need to integrate your web store with these websites. Integrating means adding your product details and being able to proceed any order that has been placed on those websites.



This extension allows you to integrate your web store with Ebay, Amazon and Rakuten. M2E Pro uses only native capabilities of Magento without creating any additional layers (i.e. middleware) or utilisation of a cloud (i.e. saving merchant’s data off site). It just fully integrates Magento backend with eBay, Amazon & Rakuten marketplaces around the globe. Think of eBay, Amazon & Rakuten becoming a integral part of your Magento system.

Do you have any other great extensions that you suggest? Please leave me a comment.