best practises for ecommerce produt pages

Best practices for ecommerce product pages

Software, books, music and flowers are the best sold products on the Internet. Computer hardware and consumer electronics comes in the second place according to STATISTIC BRAIN. See article for more details.

Customers/visitors of Ecommerce websites have a certain mental model and expectations how to work with the website. Ecommerce websites consist of a home page, category page, product page, cart and checkout.

This pages form the sales funnel. Other pages are available to give the customer other information about the customer service, etc. The sales funnel to conversion consist of the mental model. However most of the visitors land either on the category or the product page. This might effect the customer since they can’t have all the needed details to move on the next step.

Product pages will be our focus in this article. you will see a review of 5 major ecommerce web sites in the Netherlands. This big boys sell different products. I have chosen to review a product page of a laptop which is one of the most popular laptops according to on 8th November 2015.


These web stores are:,,, and

All web stores have the following points in common:

  • Product title is prominent
  • All product pages mention when the customer can expect the product to be delivered
  • USP’s are mentioned near by the “Call to action” button
  • Call to action button  is above the fold
  • Extra product details and other information are under the fold

However each web store has something different in their product pages. Below are specific screen shot per web store.


  • Next to images, shows a product video
  • Related products have an important position next to product information.
  • Up sales and combination of bundles are below the fold

Media markt


  • When you scroll down, you see an overview of the price, USP’s and the button “Order”.
  • There is a bundle part before the detailed product information.



HP Store


  • Get a game free from HP if you buy this laptop
  • It provides a tab below the screen with USP’s  and other ways to order the product
  • A video of the product within the images
  • A detailed view of accessaries with different tabs



  • Product video within the images
  • Detailed specification and easy to see and to download documentation
  • Detailed discounts by combinations of different products
  • Multiple video’s at the end of the page
  • Links to news about this product
  • Most importantly, a prominent call to action banner presented in the top of the browser to help the user to order this product.



Cool blue


  • Pick up location details
  • Up to seven USP’s are mentioned where only three are above the fold
  • Pros and cons by Cool Blue are mentioned on every product
  • Bundles by Cool Blue
  • Customer reviews
  • Insurance as an extra service


Customers will land on the product page from campaigns, search engines, referrals or other sources rather than the Home or the Category pages. Rich content such as images, detailed description and videos will help the customer to get familiar with the product.  However product information alone is not enough to convert them into buyers. Its necessary to present other information such as delivery details and the benefits of your company as USP’s. have a great detailed page where you can read, play videos and download pdf’s to know more about the product. They have solved the long page issue with “call to action dilemma” being always available in a smart way.

Cool blue on the other hand relies on social proof and shows their visitors the extra effort they did to show the pros and cons of the product. They have the most customer reviews gathered than any other web store.

Use rich content to present your products, give the user all the necessary answers so they will proceed to the next step. Add your company vision and character to the product page such as Cool Blue.

Do you need a review of your product page or would like to optimize your web store conversion? Drop me a line via contact.