10 great magento extensions to use in 2015

10 Must Have Magento extensions

Whether you would like to start a new Magento web store or you already have one. There are some great extensions, which can improve your overall ecommerce strategy and your daily work routine. This article will show you 10 great Magento extensions to expand your Magento web store.

Increasing sales is the number one priority of most store managers. However in order to reach that, you need to improve different areas of your web store.

best practises for ecommerce produt pages

Best practices for ecommerce product pages

Software, books, music and flowers are the best sold products on the Internet. Computer hardware and consumer electronics comes in the second place according to STATISTIC BRAIN. See article for more details.

Customers/visitors of Ecommerce websites have a certain mental model and expectations how to work with the website. Ecommerce websites consist of a home page, category page, product page, cart and checkout.

10 useful applications for freelance ux designers

10 Useful Applications For Freelance UX Designers

As a freelance UX designer, you are responsible for the different parts of your business. Starting by marketing yourself, capturing leads, making proposals and do the actual work. In this article, you will get introduced to 10 useful applications that you can use for your freelance UX projects.  This web applications can be free or paid. Starting from marketing to sales and project management.