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Web Store, Extensions Development and Implementation
A team of experts developing your Magento web store.


Magento is a flexible web application with a lot of possibilities. Focusing on the right features to develop is the key to a successful web store.
Our Agile team of experts work on your web store in stages and make sure to deliver fast.

We can help you establish a successful Magento ecommerce platform by combining our knowledge, experience and processes.
Our team is keen to deliver what we promise.


4+ years of Experience

Having 4+ years of experience dealing with Magento allows us to understand the structure of the system. We have managed multiple projects and delivered more than 50 Magento web stores and 30 extensions.

Functional & Technical requirement before start

Whenever you have a request or an idea? one of our Ecommerce consultants will brainstorm with you and come up with the best cost effective solutions. Before starting any work, we would like to document the requirement and have clear visual wireframes showing the end result to prevent miscommunications.

Project Management using JIRA + Trello

Our team works with JIRA to effectively deliver and log any spend hour. Our managers have the overview of each project and can come up with time estimation whenever needed.

Organize Code using GIT & Quality Control

When multiple Magento developers work on the same project, we make sure that we use Version control to have an overview of the different code. This also allows us to easily manage your development and production environments.

Each developer has to test his delivered work where another developer will control the delivered code and two testers will test to make sure we deliver a bug free web store or extension.

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