UX Design

Improve your customer experience through UX Design
We design ecommerce experiences. From interest to purchase!


Designing and developing a web store without user experience design can be expensive in the long term. We design experiences based on
your customer needs and your business goals. After all, your customers are the most import part of your business.

We focus on mobile first and Omni channel strategies. Our goal is to provide your customer a positive feeling
whenever they interact with your business in any stage or channel.


Users points of view

Who are your customers? Why are they using your products or services? What are their goals when visiting your web store? We answer these questions and others before designing any solution.


User-centered design aims to research the points of view of your customers before designing any service or product.

Research before Design

Understanding the why, how and what of your customers helps us make something they like to use. If you already have a web store, we dig into your Analytics and make interviews with your customers to find out their pain points and they wow point when interacting with your company.


The first idea’s or solutions to a certain problem is close to our common sense. We brainstorm until we have different idea’s. Ones we have more food for thought, we test, delete and execute quickly. We use our tools to deliver wireframes, mockups and prototypes quickly.

Responsive design

Different devices with different resolutions are every where. Your customer can either use the phone, tablet or the desktop to access your website. Responsive design allows us to give them the same experience on each different device.


UX E-commerce


Context research

Focus group interviews

Expert analysis

User experience mapping

Concept design

Wireframe & Mockup designs

Interactive prototypes

Guerilla usability testing

Remote usability testing

A/B testing

Our Work


B2C / Magento 2 / Responsive / Webshop Case Study


B2B / Magento / Magento Support / Responsive / Webshop Case Study